Why I Will Never Buy Another iPhone

I’ve had an iPhone for the past while, I started with the iPhone 4 and I’m going to be ending with the 7 – my current phone. (Which FYI I never would have bought if I’d remembered – or been smart enough to check – the headphone jack).

I almost got the Galaxy 7s and I should have, but like many people I was drawn in and fooled by its design and user-friendly layout – and because apart from the HTC Wildfire and a couple of slide and flip phones, I’ve only ever used iPhones.


It’s no secret that iPhones are pretty great for the first 6 months, and then after that, the battery life goes pretty drastically downhill. Apple seems to constantly bring out a new iOS that kills your battery, and because you can’t replace them yourself and it’s too costly to get Apple to do it, it leaves you pretty stuck. I have found, as a girl that this can actually be extremely unsafe as the temperamental batteries can die when you least expect it – the worst case for me was 47%. This is not good for walking home by yourself when it’s dark outside.


My iPhone 4? Smashed. iPhone 4s? Smashed. iPhone 5? Water damaged. Apple has a notoriously bad reputation for the construction of their phones. They’re either behind the times compared to Samsung, or they’re playing us, and we’re letting them. There is no way in this day and age that the iPhone should be so susceptible to breaking – especially for the price of them – one of my previous iPhones smashed when I dropped it on carpet, that’s right, CARPET.

Headphone Jack

I listen to music all the time, walking to work, going to the shops, cooking dinner, name a time or a place and I’m probably listening to music. I left my earphones at my friend’s house and was unable to get them for a full week – it ruined my full week.

Probably one of the most annoying things about my phone at the moment is the headphone jack. As many of you will be aware you cannot plug normal headphones into an iPhone 7 or above and have to use Apple’s own headphones. Fair enough the phone did come with an adaptor to be able to plug in normal headphones, but I am only human and it was tiny, and well…I lost it. This now also means that I can’t plug my phone into an aux cable, thank god for Bluetooth speakers!

An annoying design flaw with this is that because the charging and headphone port is the same and only one can be plugged in at a time. But what if I want to listen to music through earphones and charge my phone at the same time? I can’t. Unless I want to pay £34.95 for a separate adapter that allows me to do both.



Apple products have never been considered cheap. The iPhone X, however, will cost you £999-£1,149 also depending on the size of storage. Out of the two new release, iPhone’s the 8 is considered the ‘cheaper option’ depending on storage size this phone could still set you back anywhere between £689 and £949.


Now there are a lot of other problems with the phones other than the 4 above, but based on these alone, I will not be buying another iPhone.