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A Guide To Govan Nursery & How Govan is Helping Families

Kirktonholme, a Govan Nursery, goes beyond being just another childcare centre. It helps families and tackles poverty head-on. As such, it should serve as an example for the rest of Glasgow.

There has also been a rise in popularity of nurseries in Govan by the Glasgow City Council who has agreed to lease two vacant properties at Roystonhill and Govan to Rosemount Lifelong Learning for 10 years in order to meet the Scottish Government’s target of 1140 hours of free childcare per year.

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Govan Nursery staff have decades of experience providing top-tier childcare to children, taking great pride in understanding children’s needs and creating a stimulating yet safe environment for the youngsters they care for. In addition, the Govan staff communicate effectively with parents and provide feedback about how well the children are progressing at nursery.

GCC’s admissions and charging policy is followed when allocating nursery places, and nurseries will be happy to inform you on its implementation. Each establishment keeps a register of applications; copies of the policy can also be obtained directly from each establishment. An admissions panel meets regularly throughout the year to decide on allocation.


Kirktonholme Early Learning and Childcare’s Govan location has been nominated for an architecture design award in the education category by the Glasgow Institute of Architects. The 95-place nursery sits on a brownfield site nearby an ambulance and police helipad and was designed by architect Davide Rizzo with its distinctive curved walls and rooms of various dimensions, colours, and shapes to stimulate children’s imaginations, as well as a roof terrace and garden for outdoor play. Its red brick base matches other buildings on site, while its upper levels feature white render walls, which help children learn outside too! Kirktonholme Early Learning and Childcare offers top childcare facilities within Glasgow city limits!

Other Development’s in Govan

Men’s Shed Govan, a local charity, has successfully transformed an old nursery site and dump ground into an attractive community garden with the assistance of National Lottery grant funding. Their aim is to maximise this space to meet community needs while aiding those in need in Govan.

Nursery leaders in Govan have become on the frontlines of an invisible child poverty crisis that’s going unrecognised by politicians. Shona and Maggie, of Broomloan Nursery in Govan, noticed just how hard many families have it when they witnessed a mother at their Christmas party taking armfuls of sandwiches to feed her children. They now coordinate a team that collects food that’s meant for landfills and delivers it directly to Broomloan every week.


Govan offers child care at various nurseries, which typically provide an array of activities for kids to do. Applications for places at these facilities are accepted year-round; many offer special-needs childcare facilities as well.

At Govan Nursery, children can engage in a variety of activities that are designed to help them learn and grow. These activities include things like arts and crafts, storytelling, music and movement, outdoor play, and more. The nursery also provides opportunities for children to develop their social skills by interacting with their peers and participating in group activities. Overall, Govan Nursery aims to create a fun and supportive environment where children can explore, learn, and develop their full potential.