The Tarmac Laying Process and Why You Need a Professional

Tarmac is a material that has been used over the years to pave and surface roads, car parks, driveways, pavements and forecourts. Laying tarmac may not be as easy as it sounds and it is better left to professionals because of the technical skills and equipment used. If it is laid out improperly it will develop cracks and plants will grow through the cracks which will lead to wastage of money and time. If you are planning to tarmac a car park or a driveway, please consult one of the highly skilled tarmac contractors in your area. Tarmac will produce excellent results if well done.

Why You Need a Professional Tarmac Contractors to Tarmac Your Drive

In comparison to other surfacing material, the cost of tarmac is lower and if you have the knowledge or a background in the construction industry you may try it on your own. This is why you need a professional;

  • Construction process knowledge – the professional knows how to carefully handle the tarmac, its properties and safety measures.
  • Assessing the existing surface – the professional will assess the surface and determine if excavation is necessary or not.
  • Measuring the gradient of the land, drainage and the size to be surfaced in order to have the best outcome of a long-lasting tarmac.

Tarmac involves a lot of physical moving and therefore you should be up to the task in case you decide to do it on your own.

Tarmac Layers

The driveway, road or car park to be tarmacked will need a foundation before you can even begin, therefore the contractor will excavate up to ten inches deep depending on the stability of the soil in your area. Hardcore sub-base will be added, crushed and pressed down. Side blocks are then added to the sides of the driveway and the tarmac laid in two layers.

The first layer consists of large aggregates. They are delivered in heated trucks spread on the surface and pressed down using a roller. The first layer is also called the base layer. The second layer (wearing layer) consists of smaller, smooth and fine looking aggregates and makes the surface look better. If the whole process is carried out well, then in future a resurface is needed only the top layer will be scraped off and reapplied. This is called an overlay. The drive will be ready to use after an hour and will be completely dried after a week or so.

Customising Your Tarmac

Many people think that there is only one type of tarmac available, but there are still few other choices to consider. This will make your drive appear better than just using the plain black tarmac. Tarmac also has few types which vary in the size, colour and the binding agent. You may want an aggregate that will look different from the roads. However, you should let the professionals decide the best binder for your drive, although you may ask them about what other choices there may be. Also keep in mind that Tarmac is cheaper if it is done on a large scale, therefore, you should consider doing it with your neighbours as it will save the costs.