The warehouse can get festive at Christmas with a power stacker.

Innovative, Festive Uses for the Common Industrial Power Stacker

This Christmas, we wanted to share some fun tips with you on how you can get some festive uses out of the power stacker you might have in your inventory. Alongside the functional uses that this piece of equipment may have throughout the year, you can always come up with other ideas for how it might be used to help you out this festive season. We’ve sat down and come up with some fun ideas for how you might be able to use a power stacker to decorate and enjoy Christmas in the workplace.

Read on and find out more about our inventive, festive uses for the common industrial power stacker.

Putting Up the Christmas Lights

The first idea which we have come up with is to use your power stacker to help you when putting up your Christmas lights. It can often be difficult trying to lift big boxes of Christmas light when decorating, and some types are quite heavy.

If you are helping a colleague put up the Christmas lights at work, it can be a good idea to lift the lights up to the desired height using your equipment. This will mean no back pain over Christmas and you can get your Christmas lights as high as you like far easier. The warehouse will be twinkling in no time!

Moving the Christmas Tree

Depending on the size of your warehouse, you might be a team which loves a wonderfully large Christmas tree. These can be difficult to move, even with a lot of manpower. A power stacker can help you do the job. With a power stacker, you can lift up the tree easily and then transport it from A to B within the building without causing any strain to your staff during the festive period.

The power stacker’s manoeuvrability will make it easy to get your Christmas tree in prime position, setting it down easily, and even making it easier for you to put away.

The power stacker can have many different festive uses.

Your Festive Power Stacker Ideas

Do you have any great ideas on how you could use a power stacker this festive season? If you have any inventive ideas on how it can help you at Christmas, let us know. We hope you manage to have some festive fun with your industrial equipment this year (as long as you still get to move all your stock in time for Christmas)!

Happy holidays everyone!