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Cheek Fillers | Everything You Need to Know

As we grow older, our faces tend to lose their beautiful, radiant and youthful appearance. Although every part of our body is affected by ageing, the face gets affected more and especially the cheeks. With age, people tend to lose that plumpness, and this leaves people feeling older than they really are. Cheek fillers work by sculpting the cheekbones, making you get back that youthful face that you have always held dear. In this piece, we tackle some of the most common questions that people ask regarding cheek fillers and to also show you why you might want to try them.

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What Happens to Your Facial Volume as You Get Older?

To help you understand the importance of cheek fillers, let’s first show you what happens as you get older. As people get old, they lose a significant portion of subcutaneous fat on their faces. This leads to loss of volume as well as elasticity which in turn results in hollow cheekbones making someone to look exhausted and gaunt.

How Do Cheek Fillers Work?

Cheek fillers are composed of a natural body substance known as hyaluronic acid. As we get old, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our bodies or skin reduces. This causes our skins to appear tired, old and less radiant. Dermal fillers are injected into our cheeks to reintroduce the already diminishing hyaluronic acid. If your face or cheeks appear sunken or you are unhappy with your cheek pattern and shape, then filler can help you regain your radiant and youthful cheek’s curve, as well as a stable facial contour. Cheek fillers act by restoring the lost volume, giving you a pleasant, smooth and youthful appearance.

When planning to have cheek fillers, you should start by getting a qualified and experienced medical practitioner. You should explain to him/her of your desires, clearly pointing out your goals and expectations. Depending on the target areas, your doctor will inject the fillers on both sides of your face. Generally, the treatment takes about forty-five minutes, but this will always vary depending on the experience of the practitioner as well as the target results.

Depending on your body, you might experience some small swellings and some redness after the procedure. However, this will only last for a few days after which you will get back to normal.

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Should You Expect Any Pain?

Just like any other medical procedure, cheek fillers might cause some discomfort. However, your practitioner will use a numbing cream to help counter the pain effect during the process as well as after the procedure.

Is This a Permanent Procedure?

Although cheek fillers are not permanent, they last for a considerable amount of time. In most cases, cheek fillers can even last for more than a year, but most people need some re-administration after twelve months.

Does Cost Guarantee Quality?

Yes, and no. Although qualified people will always charge higher rates, it is crucial to actually evaluate the quality of services that you are paying for. What we imply by this is that it is not possible to gauge the efficiency of a clinic or practitioner by just considering their charges.