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Types of Braces Glasgow

Many people in Glasgow suffer from insecurities about their looks and how other people view them and judge them. This can be detrimental to their success in business. If they are ridiculed about how their teeth look, it could result in people being unable to perform well in tasks such as presentations and client meetings. A straight smile in this generation is viewed as an indicator of good health, social standing and even wealth and this goes on to affect how people interact with others. A good smile is also essential in making a lasting and positive first impression. Having an attractive and confident smile can help close a business deal. All this professional pressure is what pushes a lot of people to seek cosmetic dental procedures such as braces. An ideal practice to get braces Glasgow is The Berkeley Clinic.

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Dental Braces Glasgow

Dental braces Glasgow are devices used by orthodontists to align and straighten patient’s teeth so they can have a better bite and teeth formation. Braces are used to shape jaws and they help to correct crooked teeth, crossbites, deep bites, overbites, underbites among other dental flaws in a bid to help improve the patient’s dental health and image. If the conditions are left uncorrected they may cause gum diseases, tooth decay, hardships in biting and chewing and it may affect the patient’s speech. Braces Glasgow may be used together with other alignment devices for better results. Any other dental treatment must be done before braces are applied.

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Types of Braces

One of the following common types of braces may be recommended for you by an orthodontist:

Traditional Braces Glasgow

This is the most common type of braces. Usually made of metal (mostly stainless steel or titanium or both). The metal brackets are attached to the teeth using bonding glue and are fixed in place using elastic ties. The metal brackets are then linked with a wire which is used to apply pressure to your teeth. The pressure causes the teeth to move into position gradually. In Glasgow these are used for children under 18 who receive dental treatment under the NHS.

Clear/Ceramic Braces

These are made from a clear or transparent material. They work in a similar way to the traditional metal braces. The transparent bracket enables them to blend in with the natural colour of the teeth. Therefore, they are not noticed by other people. This is why they are popular with adults. The Berkeley Clinic offer a variety of clear braces as part of their private dental treatments.

Damon Braces

These are self-litigating devices that are applied in the same way as the metal braces. The only difference is that instead of having brackets that tighten and adjust, they employ slide mechanism that the brackets are attached with wires so that they can move naturally with the teeth. This reduces the pressure on your teeth. This makes them more comfortable and reduces treatment time. These types of braces are the most popular with orthodontists now.

Alternatives to Braces

After determining your problem, the orthodontist may also recommend the use of aligners or retainers instead of braces. The plastic aligners are custom made and they are transparent. In children, it is recommended that they are checked by an orthodontist at an early age as it is easier to correct most dental conditions at that age.

Do you need braces?

If you have a problem with your teeth or their appearance you should visit a dentist who will recommend you to a specialist. The orthodontist will decide if you need braces or some other kind of treatment. For more information on professional braces Glasgow visit this website: