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Top Trends According to SEO Edinburgh Companies

2017 is coming to an end, this means it is the perfect time to look over 2017 SEO trends before the year is up! You can learn a lot about SEO, but you will never stop learning. Digital marketing agencies in Edinburgh will tell you that you should always keep your eye on what is happening in the world of SEO, especially if you plan on working with an SEO Edinburgh company.

SEO Edinburgh business, Smarter Digital Marketing say that SEO basics are still crucial going into 2017: “maintaining a good website is all down to the creation of high-quality, relevant, and unique content that attract natural links.”

This has been known for a number of years and it is one of the foundations of modern SEO. If you are here to find out what’s new, seek inspiration below. 

Dense Content

It is common knowledge that users are starting to get sick of ready the same filler content time and time again. At first content, marketers suggested that SEOs used bite-sized content that was easy reading.

Content creation is fundamental if you want a successful SEO Edinburgh strategy. If you have used SEO strategies before, then you will know that it can be extremely difficult.

Marketers have seen a shift towards longer pieces of “epic” content, has this been successful? Somewhat. Google has now been flooded with these long pieces of content. Therefore many users are now creating dense content that is user-friendly.


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AMP has become a phenomenon for SEO Edinburgh companies. If you are unsure what AMP technology is, then you should definitely start doing your research. One good thing to come from this year is that AMP pages have made our lives a lot easier. The online world of marketing is changing and many businesses have adapted to the needs of the smartphone nation, making responsive pages that are much more user-friendly.

Did you know that the average web page uses eight times more data than an AMP when loading content?

If you are looking for speedy web pages and better SEO results, you should contact an SEO agency in Edinburgh that specialises in this type of work. Not only will your SEO improve this year, but you will have more responsive pages for your users.

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Short Branded Links

Links are a huge part of SEO and branded links should not be forgotten about. If you are interested in digital marketing, you may have noticed that bigger brands are using short branded links. Bigger brands are finding that the best and most successful way of doing this is by creating ‘short branded links.’Why? New statistics have shown that branded links increase CTR by 35 percent!

It is now incredibly trendy in the SEO world to use this type of link and has been used by Fortune 500 companies such as Pepsi ( and NY Times ( These brands are moving with technology and want to stay relevant in 2017. If it works for these companies then it may be a good idea for your business to invest in this type of domain too!.