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Glass Partitions Can Help You Fight Back Against Corona Virus

The introduction of glass partitions into either your office or property will prove to be incredibly useful in the nations fight back against the spreading of this deadly virus. Too many people are underestimating just how significant the implications of corona virus stand to be to people with underlying health conditions. The worry from the majority of the general public is that people will flock in their numbers to use the health services this country has to offer and it will overcome the system. If the health system cannot cope, the bigger picture regarding how much money has been cut from the NHS over recent years has to be looked at.

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Glass Partitions

People voted overwhelmingly in favour of a conservative government. There can be little to no doubt that they deserved their win. Whether or not it was because it was based upon Brexit is another matter. They won. Despite ten years of unbearable cutbacks to the health service, with 10 billion being taken away from it. They won. Bottom line. Now, we are paying the very costly penalty for those years of cutbacks. Glass partitions being installed can help your family or business to take some pressure off the NHS by not needing anybody to go for hospital treatment by stopping yourself from getting the bug.

glass partitions

Hospital Cutbacks

The cutbacks in hospitals has undeniably been shocking. Unfortunately, we will be paying the price for that in the coming months. A lack of ventilators, masks and general equipment has already become evident. The scale of the virus hasn’t even remotely peaked yet either. We have a long way to go. There can be very little doubt that the strategy employed by Britain’s chief scientific advisor was shambolic. Patrick Vallance deserves every bit of criticism he gets. Make no mistake about it, his decision making will result in thousands more people dying, than had effective action been taken swiftly.

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Tainted Knighthood

Sir Patrick Vallance. You have got to laugh. His whole life in science had built up to this moment, ensuring that his decision making in a time of crisis was accurate. What on earth did he analyse to come to the conclusion that herd immunity was the way to go? Why would Britain be different to the rest of the world. It’s absolutely beyond me how somebody in a professional capacity, who has been knighted for his services to science could come to this conclusion. Strip him of his knighthood immediately, his decisions will cause immeasurable pain and anguish on thousands of the British public.

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Do Your Bit

The government are standing still. In the midst of the biggest crisis we’ve ever faced in peacetime and they’re doing nothing. “You should not go to pubs, theatres or cinemas”. Why should not Boris? Why not close them, don’t give people a choice! Oh, I understand. Its because if you close them you owe them monetary compensation. That’s right. Because nothing sums up this government more than money being at the root of every single decision they make.