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Best Properties to Buy in Monopoly

Everyone has different ideas about which properties make for good investments in Monopoly; some may view Boardwalk and Park Place properties as top choices while others believe Orange and Red properties could make good investments.

Experienced Monopoly players understand that chasing Red and Orange property sets will pay dividends once completed, since these spaces tend to be visited more often, producing significant returns when hotels are constructed on them.

Railroad Stations

Railroad stations may seem like useless properties in Monopoly, but they can actually be very beneficial. Landed on frequently and capable of producing significant income for their owners. Furthermore, they’re priced reasonably – typically $25 each depending on type of railroad – making them a sound investment that can also be leased out to other players to generate additional rent income.

There are also properties with “go to” cards that attract players like New York Avenue, Illinois Avenue, St James Place and Tennessee Avenue – these properties make winning the game much simpler if three or four are secured early on.

Orange and red properties stand out as one of the best places to start playing Monopoly as they do not require construction of houses and hotels, offering rent fees to accumulate quickly while giving you leverage later in the game.

Monopoly beginners may benefit from using the utility area as another form of revenue generation. Electric company tiles and waterworks tiles provide steady cash flows to build your cash reserve for later in the game. Furthermore, using money from these areas to buy places on dark blue and green sets can give an edge against opponents.

However, it’s important to remember that not all utility tiles are created equal. Gas stations, light rail transit (LRT), and subways tend to be expensive investments with lower profit potential than others.


Selecting the ideal properties is key to winning Monopoly. While all pieces may seem equal at first glance, not all have equal returns on investment (ROI). Mathematics comes into play here to help determine which pieces to purchase based on purchase price and anticipated ROI.

One of the best properties to purchase in Monopoly is a Water Works tile. Even though its rental payments may be small, they provide steady income early in the game as well as helping rival players to reduce budgets when landing there. Unfortunately, it may not be as profitable as purchasing Electric Company or Railroad assets.

Brown tile property can be an ideal investment in Monopoly. Offering a decent return, this asset allows for building hotels. Plus, its purchase and development costs are significantly less than many other properties – so acquiring it sooner rather than later would be ideal!

As well, green and blue properties should be avoided since these spaces rarely get landed on, meaning they won’t generate much in revenue for you. Furthermore, these properties cannot collect rent from other players.

If you want to quickly advance in Monopoly, prioritize collecting utility squares and orange property sets. They offer higher returns than any other color sets and could help you quickly profit in early rounds of play.


Serious Monopoly players understand the value of employing an effective strategy in order to win their game, which includes knowing which properties to acquire and when developing them – all with an aim towards maximising profits and making maximum cash returns. When selecting which investments offer the greatest return per roll of dice – one way of doing this would be calculating purchase price, build price and rent value when developed; typically orange color sets offer one of the greatest profits compared to others when considering these factors.

Hotels are the highest-earning properties in Monopoly, and can be found throughout the board. Their low building costs make them accessible, earning thousands in rent from each roll of the dice depending on which color set is in play. But remember, for maximum profits to be realized they must first be fully developed!

Some players will choose properties with easy construction such as railroad stations and utilities to generate income faster, while others might prefer longer-term investments such as hotels or homes where rent may be higher and can give an edge against competitors. Finding an equilibrium that suits both you and your opponents should be the goal here.

Green Properties

Green properties in Monopoly can make excellent investments as undeveloped parcels provide an outstanding return. Once developed with houses or hotels, their appeal lessens significantly as their value decreases over time. Furthermore, green properties are very costly to develop on and require players to spend considerable amounts of money; as a result, novice players should avoid purchasing them.

Railroad stations or hotels – when selecting the optimal property type for a Monopoly game, several considerations must be taken into account when selecting the ideal property type. First is landing probability; higher is better. Next comes rent charges which players can charge other players upon landing on said property; higher rent charges mean more income generated for players!

The third element is how many properties each player can own; as more properties increase one’s odds of victory in a Monopoly game. Therefore, it is key that you find one with a diverse collection of different properties available.

Monopoly’s Return of Investment of Properties The final factor to consider in any property investment decision is its overall return on Investment (ROI). The return is determined by both its purchase price and rent charged per roll of the dice; usually, most valuable properties tend to have high purchase prices with high rent charged, such as Boardwalk which also pays the highest rent; Old Kent Road and Whitechapel Road typically feature lower purchase prices with less rent collected; nevertheless their rental income still suffices to be profitable investments for most players.

Orange Properties

Though orange properties can be more costly than their white counterparts in Monopoly, they still offer an excellent return. Since landing probability for hotels on these spaces is the highest of any space type in Monopoly, you’ll quickly recoup your initial investment once construction begins on them. Furthermore, selling or mortgage-leasing them to other players when necessary adds another level of strategic depth as well as collecting extra money from others!

If you plan on playing Monopoly online, consider purchasing the orange property set. Orange squares are frequented by other players and provide the highest return on investment of any color set; furthermore, when they come time for sale you can easily sell them for significant profits.

Avoid green and blue properties as these are dead spaces where no one lands, meaning you won’t make much profit from them. They are also expensive to acquire and will take longer for payoff. In order to win the game, focus on purchasing properties with optimal color sets instead.

Brown and light blue property cards are among the least costly cards in Monopoly, yet don’t offer as much in return as orange and red sets. When planning on purchasing many property cards at once, it may be worthwhile spending a little extra upfront rather than risk losing in savings over time. It is recommended to aim for complete color group sets first before investing in single properties; you should never try saving money on utilities as these will become unprofitable once your monopoly on them has been achieved.