How to Earn Respect at Work

Respectful work meeting

Being successful in our careers is a goal that any people strive to. Gaining respect in our professional lives is part and parcel of this goal. However gaining respect across your industry, your business and your office can be difficult. Many people simply go about it the wrong way which can often have detrimental results. […]


Types of Braces Glasgow

Business man smiling after braces Glasgow

Many people in Glasgow suffer from insecurities about their looks and how other people view them and judge them. This can be detrimental to their success in business. If they are ridiculed about how their teeth look, it could


Tips for Starting Up Your Own Business

Know Your Market It is important to fulfil the consumers’ needs and not just your own, make sure you are selling things that people want – and not just what you want to sell. Market research will do wonders for your business as you’ll know exactly what the people want. Don’t just settle for making […]


The Tarmac Laying Process and Why You Need a Professional

Tarmac is a material that has been used over the years to pave and surface roads, car parks, driveways, pavements and forecourts. Laying tarmac may not be as easy as it sounds and it is better left to professionals because of the technical skills and equipment used. If it is laid out improperly it will […]


Where to Start When Considering Potential Partnership Opportunities

Digital partnerships are a great development plan for businesses for many reasons. They help companies to orient themselves around the customer and help them to deliver excellent customer service which adds value to the brand. Consumers today move very quickly. They are less patient than ever before and their preferences change rapidly. If your business […]

Business Marketing

The Iconic Islay whisky | Shopping Guide

Islay is an island located off Scotland’s southern coast. The island is inhabited by less than four thousand people. The rocky island’s main industry is agriculture although that is not what it is known for. Islay is famous because of its iconic whiskies which have been made there since the fourteenth century when the Irish […]

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Why I Will Never Buy Another iPhone

I’ve had an iPhone for the past while, I started with the iPhone 4 and I’m going to be ending with the 7 – my current phone. (Which FYI I never would have bought if I’d remembered – or been smart enough to check – the headphone jack). I almost got the Galaxy 7s and […]


Drug Testing at Festivals

The war on drugs has been raging on for decades but in recent years there has been a serious increase in the number of drug related deaths. In 2016, 3,744 people were killed by drug poisoning in England and Wales alone, 2,593 of these were caused by the misuse of drugs. An estimated 2.7 million […]


10 Tips for Making Moving House Easier

Whether it’s your 1st time or your 5th time, moving house can be a stressful and lengthy process for anybody. These 10 tips are tried, tested, and guaranteed to make your moving experience a lot easier. Before you even think about packing make sure you invest in some high quality Big Brown Box(es). Leave yourself […]


Budget Winter Essentials 2017

It’s that time of year again, where you start to question if summer actually happened or if that one day of sun was just a dream. Get ready to trade your sunglasses and sandals for wellies and woollies with this year’s winter essentials. Primark’s Unicorn Blanket – £14 There’s been a lot of hype around […]